How we can make a difference

Research on mental health and the workplace.

There has been a lot of research into how mental health affects the workplace.  Organisations with a positive approach to mental health and safety have increased productivity and improved worker engagement. 

Research has proven that some employees resist talking to a therapist face to face for various reasons. Embarrassment and anxiety are amongst the many reasons why not. Research into the benefits of online counselling breaks down this barrier, known as the ‘disinhibition effect,’ displaying that engaging with a professional through a platform can yield positive outcomes towards intervention.

Employees who feel they have a higher wellbeing also feel more engaged at work


Employees who think mental health is an important issue for business


Employees who believe their workplace is mentally healthy.


Australians who cite work as their major cause of life stress.


How we can help your business

At Connect Psych we believe in providing employees with the support they need to be their best selves. As a result, organisations get a sense of the true value of mentally healthy workplaces. 

Untreated mental health conditions result in over 6 million lost working days and 12 million days of reduced productivity every year in Australia.

Providing accessible, flexible and autonomous support through Connect Psych can assist employees experiencing a range of mental health and life challenges; resulting in clear benefits to the organisation’s productivity and reduction in absenteeism. 

During therapy, your employees will have the continuity of a registered therapist with their choice of communication and customer support is available to answer their general questions about how Connect Psych operates.

4 easy steps for your employees.

1. Intake

Employees complete a short confidential assessment online to identify their current area of need

2. Matching

Connecting employees with a choice of 3 most suitable therapists allowing for optimal alignment

3. Therapy

Accessibility to a registered therapist through a chosen channel of communication

4. Analytics

Anonymised business analytics provide organisations with ROI evidence of service quality and efficacy

"We need to do a better job of putting ourselves higher on our own 'to do' list."

Michelle Obama

Workplace wellbeing has never been easier.